Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Call of nature

I got inspired for this little poem by Rockingham castle. I hope you enjoy!

They are calling me...
They are calling my name...
The bees...
The birds...
Even the trees and the flowers...
They all want me to be one of them...
And I want to be one of them, too.
But I was born to be human,
so that I could describe all the beaty.
I was born to be human,
to show it to other human who can not see it.
And to protect it from other humans
who don't want to see it.
Maybe they are scared of it...
maybe jealus.
maybe they were thought to hate it.
Or maybe,
maybe they do want to see it, too...
but they don't want to admit it...
not even to themselves.
How can I help somebody who doesn't want my help?
How can I make somebody see the world,
if he think he already does?
And when I know
they see it wrong?
I was born
to find the answer to these questions.
I was born to protect that, what I want to be a part of.
And maybe,
maybe if I succeed,
the bees...
the birds...
and even the trees and the flowers...
will take me as who I am, being the first human
to follow the call of nature.

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