Saturday, 11 February 2012


I looked at you,

you looked at me

and we both looked away


Again I looked at you

and you turned around

and looked at me

and I turned around

and went red

hoping you would not see it.

Again I turned around

to look at you,

saw you were not looking at me

so I kept looking

until you looked at me

and we both went red

and turned around.

Now though you don't look at me

and I do not look at you,

with our hearts we are both

still looking at each other.

And I know when again I see you

you will look at me

and I will look at you

and we will smile

and look away.

Until one day you look at me

and I look at you

and you come over here

and talk to me

and say my name

and finally ask me for a date.

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