Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas spirit

Silent night,

Holly night.

Cristmas time, family time.

Or at least before our times,

when  it's only about presents and food.

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Eat in heavenly peace.

Silent night,

But not holly night,

nothing calm, nothing bright

as nobody cares how the trees are dying,

everywhere in the forests of the world

just to wrap up those toys,

which children will only use twice.

Silent night,

sweet sweet night,

suddenly, all is bright

but the light from the christmas tree,

doesn't let us see the stars.

Not even the moon shines on me.

Not even the moon shines on me.

Silent night,

winter night,

not as cold as before

because we've choosen to live our lifes

in the way that bussinesses want

thats why today there's no snow

climate change annoys instead.

Silent night,

too long night

you may wish, you may dream

that the Christmas spirit you talk about was real

but I will have to disappoint you now.

It is only found in the hearts

of those who don't have anything to give.

Silent night,

only one night

in which, we are kind.

Why does it seem so dificult to,

be kind to everybody at all times.

Do one good deed this Christmas.

Do one good deed this Christmas.

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  1. Es verdad que la Navidad es para mucha gente una fiesta que solo se trata de consumir... En fin, me gusta tu poema :)