Monday, 26 March 2012

"Friends 4-ever"

"Friends 4-ever"...

this tricky little phrase

which we say so often

without thinking.

"Friends 4-ever"

we said once and then you moved

to the mainland

leaving me alone.

"Friends 4-ever"

I said to a different you,

years after that,

when I had finally recovered.

But again,

it didn't last long

and the you of that time disappered

to visit another place far away

and when I saw that you again,

I could hardly recognise you,

so much had you changed.

Now, I don't believe in "friends 4-ever" anymore.

This is sad,

as I've got new friends now.

And even though you,

the you of the present,

the you of now,

are the bests friends I've ever had,

I'm scared of the future.

I'm scared of believing

that we will always be together.

I'm scared of more yous,

The yous of the future.

And I'm scared that I

might ever forget

the yous of the now.

But above all I'm scared

of two little words

which seem suicidal,

as once pronounced,

the will not come true.

And I know that the best I can do,

is enjoy my time now

and stop worring about the future.

But how can I relax,

knowing that maybe,

this will be the last few months

that we spent together.

I hate goodbyes,

but above all,

I hate goodbyes 4-ever.

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