Friday, 9 March 2012


I've been inspired for this poem by my new friends from my new school. They are simply the most amazing people in the world and I'm so glad that I've had a chance to get to know them. And I want to thank them for giving me a chance and for having welcomed me into their group without hardly knowing me and for accepting me as I am, without wanting to change me. These wonderful people are: Raquel, Milena, Elisa, Sonia, Hannah, Christine, Belen and Paula.

It's always been so obvious,

that I had to walk alone.

And in my lonely road I kept,

with no hope that it would ever change.

And now that I have met you

I know how stupid I've been.

I thought I was stronger

for being a loner

and not needing anybody's help.

I though I was independent

by not being influenced

by anybody else

than myself.

But now I have tasted

the real meaning of friendship

I know how wrong I was.

I don't even remember

how before last september

I could live on my own.

And I know that we're different.

And I know that,

even after so much time,

I'm still "the new one",

the different one,

the last one to be told

what has to be said.

But I also know

for the first time in my life,

that this thing they call friendship,

is not just a dream,

far fetched and unreacheble

That it does exist.

And that I, too,

can have friends.

And now I do have friends.

And now you are my friends.

And I know we are friends.

And I know you will be there

for me when I need you.

And I hope that when you need me

you will tell me, too,

because I want to be a friend for you,

as you have been friends for me.

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  1. joder marta que lloro eh! xD cuanto sentimiento junto xD no pero en serio, tu si que tienes un gran corazon :)