Saturday, 24 March 2012

The well of life

Walking around the forest,

with no plan and no direction.

As always hearing

all birds singing

welcoming me to their world.

And the faint smell of lavander

surrounded me as I entered

into that mysterious cave.

The dangerous teeth

of the scary entrance

seemed unlogically welcoming.

Like to suicide

madness cannot resist,

I couldn't resist this calling.

And though unprudent

and even childish as it may seem,

I entered the unknown

in form of a cave

in the middle of a forest

which I knew so well,

but still surprised me


And could not believe

what then I saw

as I looked and stared

at the never ending brightness,

which emerged from the darkness

in the form of a well.

And the well's well-kept water,

as though molten moonlight,

shone brighter and brighter,

so much warmer

than the sun outside.

And as I walked,

slowly walked,

towards the water,

I knew this was so much more

than a well.

I knew that this was,

as we all once were,

pure energy.

And I knew at once

when before it I did stand,

that this was the well of life

and it's light,

so clear and so bright,

is all that's left in its purest form.

I knew, without knowing how

that this liquid I was looking at

had once been a part of me.

And I had been a part of it.

The lavander smell got clearer

it was all that was left

from the world outside.

And it was my turn now

to give back what I had taken,

or to take back what I had given,

depends on the perspective.

Because both are true right now.

I gave myself back to this energy

and I took the energy from this human back.

We are united now.

We are the same.

And everything is as though

we had never been seperated.

At least until another part of me

escapes to the human world.

I can just hope that it,


will return.

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